Fat pockets

Fat pockets

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Body Issues: fat pockets

Fat accumulates in certain areas of the body based on many factors including hereditary factors, your sex, age and body weight. Localized fat or ‘fat pockets’, showing up as lumps and bumps, may form on your stomach, hips, thighs, back, knees or buttocks.

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Fat pockets on non-obese people

Even people who are not obese may wish to be rid of unsightly pockets of body fat that cause lumps and bulges.
When unwanted fat pockets form it is not possible to get rid of them by way of ‘spot reduction’. Targeting weight loss toward specific fat pockets simply does not work. You can only get rid of them by:

  • Surgical cosmetic treatments
  • Non-surgical or minimally invasive cosmetic treatments
  • Losing weight all over (see our tips for getting rid of excess body fat naturally)
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