Teeth Issues

teeth issuesTeeth Issues

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What makes teeth attractive?

Teeth that are white and evenly spaced make people appear more attractive. Studies have suggested that this is because teeth are a sign of health and reproductive fitness.
Researchers showed photos of male and female models to men and women. In some of the photos, the researchers had digitally altered the color and spacing of the teeth. Models who showed even, white teeth were rated as attractive, while those same models with discolored, and/or uneven teeth were rated as less attractive.
Yellow or widely-spaced teeth were particularly unpopular. The condition of women’s teeth had a particularly potent effect on both the men looking at the photos and the women. The researchers explained this by saying, ‘Males are thinking about attraction and females are in competition with each other.’
In the study, the brilliant white teeth which are the result of cosmetic whitening processes were not considered any more attractive than evenly spaced, evenly colored teeth of a more natural shade.
As we get older, our teeth get darker. Tooth enamel wears away over time. It can also become stained. The condition of a woman’s teeth can not only signify her age, however; it can also provide evidence of childhood illnesses, the food she eats and some genetic disorders.
Cosmetic issues with teeth, such as discoloration and unevenness, can be treated with laser, light therapies, orthodontics, medications and topical preparations.

Discolored teeth

Teeth may become discolored with extrinsic stains (superficial stains found on the surface of the tooth) or intrinsic stains (stains formed deep within the tooth). Tooth discoloration can happen for the following reasons:
Food and drink, especially the consumption of tea, coffee, red wine and/or soft drinks over a prolonged period. These cause extrinsic stains.
Smoking (extrinsic stains).
Tooth injury (intrinsic stains).
Age. No matter how well you clean your teeth, they will eventually become duller as you age. This is due to intrinsic staining.

See page 118 ‘Beauty: The Ultimate Cosmetic Makeover Guide. Book 2: Body, Teeth & Hair’ for methods of teeth whitening.

Other teeth issues

Other teeth and mouth problems can include misshapen or crooked teeth, missing teeth, misshapen gums and uneven gum lines.
For information on ways to deal with these issues, read “Teeth Therapy” on page 117 of ‘Beauty: The Ultimate Cosmetic Makeover Guide. Book 2: Body, Teeth & Hair’.

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