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Our two-book series ‘Beauty: The Ultimate Cosmetic Makeover Guide’ (Books 1 & 2) is available now. Get all MyBeauti’s trusted and comprehensive information in handy book form, plus detailed descriptions of all cosmetic treatments, plus many pages of bonus material.
Extras include recipes for low-cost but effective home made skin care products such as cleansers, sunscreens, moisturizers, toothpaste, vitamin serums, facial peels and facial scrubs.

BEAUTY: the ultimate cosmetic makeover guide Book 1: Face and Skin

BEAUTY: the ultimate cosmetic makeover guide Book 2: Body, Teeth and Hair


Most of us want to look our best, just like all those ‘ageless’ movie stars. Finding the perfect cosmetic treatment, however, can be confusing. What treatments are available? Which of them best suits your needs and budget?
Hunting down all your options, finding conveniently located salons or clinics and reading reviews from other clients all takes time.
For your convenience, the ‘Beauty’ series of books helps to solve the problem. We make the job of finding the appropriate cosmetic treatments quick and easy, for both men and women. Dozens of beauty techniques have been described and compared for you, so that you can find the most suitable therapy available.

The Easy Guide to Choosing

It is sometimes difficult to find information about ways to improve your appearance. Every day, thousands of people are having cosmetic enhancements, but most of them prefer to keep that fact secret, and avoid talking about it.
In this series ‘Beauty: The Ultimate Cosmetic Makeover Guide’ Books 1 and 2, we compare the latest cosmetic treatments, techniques and procedures.
The aim is to provide you with the convenience of comparison and the benefit of explanatory articles.
Armed with this information, you will be in the best position to evaluate your cosmetic treatment requirements.
This enables you to avoid spending your time calling or visiting numerous salons and clinics to compare treatments and products with often-confusing brand names. It also helps you find a treatment or product better suited to your needs, at a given price point.